Matter 2014


Potential energy (1 billion joule)
26,8 liters of Diesel, Aqua D'or bottles
Approx. size: 30x70x40 cm

Energy densities ignoring external components
Printed list on paper

Rug, Rocks, Black Gun
Approx. size: 240x200x320 cm
The rug and 4 of the rocks was acquired from Scientology Denmark

Silent Counts
7 Prints on Satin fabric
Various sizes. Sewn onto black Molton curtain

Works made for the Matter group exhibition at New Shelter Plan. Other artists: Bill Sullivan, Matthew Gamber, Caleb Charland and Mary Meehan. Curator: Johan Rosenmunthe.

The exhibition marked the release of the group publication by the same name released by Lodret Vandret.
also shown: Caleb Charland, Bill Sullivan
also shown: Caleb Charland, Matthew Gamber
also shown: Matthew Gamber, Bill Sullivan
also shown: Matthew Gamber, Mary Meehan
Matter publication